Pinebox is just like any other small, quiet Texas town. Yep, ask anybody…

…Except anybody who knows someone who has disappeared. They might tell you a different story.

See, Pinebox has a big “transient population.” When a student at nearby East Texas University goes missing, well, they probably went home or shacked up with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Hunters in the Big Thicket. Fishermen around the lakes. Who knows where they come or go?

The woods are dangerous and they hedge in on every side of the town. Real easy to get lost in. There are bears, wild boar, some wolves. A deer buck ain’t nothing to trifle with if you don’t know what you’re doing. And alligators. Golan County (where Pinebox resides) has the highest incident of alligator attack in the entire state.

And that’s just the natural causes. That doesn’t account for what you might run into if you got too close to the military training base or that chemical plant up in the hills. Or even some of the locals living out that far who obviously want to be left alone. All manner of accident can befall a body that wandered onto the wrong part of one of the two lumber sites too.

So disappearances all pretty normal and have nothing to do with all the local legends; after all, every town has a ghost story or two. Pinebox just seems to collect them, is all. From restless spirits of the Indians buried in a mass grave at the edge of town to UFO abductions and everything – and I mean everything – in between. There have even been Elvis sightings.

So, come on and stay a spell. Be polite to the locals and they’ll be polite to you. Don’t go snooping where you’re not wanted. Stay out of the woods after dark. And just, you know… be careful.

Yep. Just an ordinary quiet Texas town.

Pinebox, Texas

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