The settlement had prospered as a farming community, but soon timber became the main industry. Many mills dotted the area, and Pinebox served as the main lumber supplier in all of east Texas. Today, lumber still plays an important role in Pinebox’s economy,.however, the biggest employer in the area is the college, East Texas University (ETU).


In the last census, Pinebox, Texas, was home to 11,977 permanent residents. Records from ETU indicate an enrollment of an additional 10,051 students. Approximately one third of the student body commutes from the surrounding area.

City Services

The Carter Greystone Memorial Hospital
The Sibley-Smith Memorial Library -


Borden Chemicals
Garland Industries – locally owned and operated workforce that works the tin mine outside of town.
The Golden Mark Corporation
Pinebox Papermill
The Southeast Texas Forestry Service
Lewis Catfish King – the town of origin and still headquarters of the entire popular Texas chain of sea food restaurants.
The Wolf Hunters Club – successful fund raising activities for the local high schools and hospice services.


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